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Rickey Bates BMX Banned Together, Inc., was created in honor of my son Rickey, who was killed in a car accident in September of 2011, on his way home from InterBikes, which is the largest bicycle trade event show in the U.S.


Rickey was a professional BMX rider who rode for the Shadow Conspiracy Team and Sputnik.  He was also the creator of Banned  BMX products and videos.  Rickey would travel across the U.S. and into the inner cities to film, ride, and promote BMX.  He would also give kids BMX tee-shirts and stickers and he would put the kids in his videos.


This foundation was created to carry on Rickey's mission of promoting BMX riding, while also aiding children who are in need of protective bicycling and BMX equipment and training.  It will be the goal of the charity to provide underprivileged youth with equipment and training and to promote bicycle safety.



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